Kasarani Technical


  1. Craft Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mod 1-2 (Power Option)
  2. Craft Certificate in Welding & Fabrication Mod 1-2
  3. Craft Certificate in ICT Mod 1-2
  4. Craft Certificate in Automotive Engineering Mod 1-2
  5. Craft Certificate in Plumbing
  6. Certificate in Food and Beverage
  7. Craft Certificate in Business Management Mod 1-2
  8. Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management Mod 1-2
  9. Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Mod 1-2
  10. Certificate in Information Science Module 1-2
  11. Craft Certificate in Social Work & Community Development Mod 1-2
  12. Craft Certificate in Building Technology Mod 1-2
  1. Artisan in Food and Beverage
  2. Artisan in Plumbing
  3. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication
  4. Artisan in Electrical Installation
  5. Artisan in Agribusiness (NVCET)
  1. Horticulture Nursery Management Level 3-(CBET)
  2. Manual Metal Arc Welding Level 4-(CBET)
  3. Automotive Technician Level 5-(CBET)
  1. Diploma in Building Technology Mod 1-3
  2. Diploma in Information Science Mod 1-3
  3. Diploma in Automotive Engineering Mod 1-3
  4. Diploma in Social Work & Community Development Mod 1-3
  5. Diploma in ICT Mod 1-3
  6. Diploma in Human Resource Management Mod 1-3
  7. Diploma in Supply Chain Management Mod 1-3
  8. Diploma in Business Management Mod 1-3
  9. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mod 1-3 (Power Option)
  10. Diploma in Welding & Fabrication Mod 1-3
  1. Artisan D- and Above
  2. Craft Certificate D and Above
  3. Diploma C- and Above
How to Apply
  1. Click here to apply
  2. Fill and follow instuctions on the application form
  3. You do not need influence to secure admission
  4. Send or hand deliver the application form to: The Principal, Kasarani Technical and Vocational College. P.O. Box 51898-00200,
    Email: info@kasaranitechnical.ac.ke

How to Join Kasarani TVC

If you sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) last year or any other year and you are yet to join a college, Kasarani Technical and Vocational College is the place to be. You can apply for Diploma, Craft Certificate or Artisan course depending on your grade. Regardless of your grade you can access training in our institution. All you need to do is to visit our website www.kasaranitechnical.ac.ke and fill the form online or visit the institution and pick the admission form. Alternatively, you can visit Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service (KCCPS) and apply directly to our institution by selecting the course of your choice. Login to www.kuccps.ac.ke then login to student portal using your KCSE Index Number.

Below is a message in form of a video from the Principal about reopening of the college and Fumigation process underway.